Visitors are responsible for their own traveling arrangements. Ugezi Tiger Lodge personnel will provide them with the latest information available to them at the time.

Valid passports for the country of origin of all visitors. Take a certified copy of your Passport and visa with, and store it in a safe place.

Visas for Zimbabwe are issued at Zimbabwe’s border posts. Excluding SA

Ensure that you comply with the medical/immunization requirements applicable for the time and duration of your visit.



By land the lodge can be reached by traveling through Zimbabwe via Beitbridge, Masvingo, Harare and Nyamapanda border post, or via Beitbridge, Masvingo, Mutari and Machipanda border post. Both routes meet at Changara in Mozambique and from there follow the same route to the Lodge.

The road is tarred right up to and past the Lodge entrance. From the entrance a well maintained dirt road of ± 1500m leads to the parking area.

Make the arrangements required by your insurance company for vehicle, medical and theft coverage for the period that you leave the country in which you reside.

Valid drivers licenses.

Registration certificates for all motor vehicles and trailers. Take certified copies of these documents as well as police clearance certificates for all vehicles and trailers with, and store them in a safe place.

Take out separate Temporary Import Permits (TIP) for each vehicle and trailer.

This will be of assistance incase one of the above must be left behind due to a breakdown or accident.

Visitors traveling by road must ensure that they carry adequate fuel to cross Zimbabwe and stay within the applicable speed limits. They must also show reflective triangles in front of a towing vehicle and at the back of the trailer etc that is towed. 



Commercial flights ex. JHB International – Maputu – Tete are available daily

Chartered flights can be directed to the international airport at Songo ± 10km from the Lodge.

When flying with a charter company ensure that the following costs are included in the quotation: Aircraft and crew fees, Landing and parking fees, Approach and en route fees, Passenger taxes for the exit port and entry at Songo, Immigration and Customs fees, all flight clearance costs, in flight catering, and fuel surcharges.


S  15 degrees 36’ 22.35”

E  32 degrees 46’ 26.55”

Elevation: 900 m

Length of strip: 1100m

For both options Ugezi Tiger Lodge will offer a shuttle service with prior arrangement.





Directions from Pretoria